The Most Dangerous Game Sequel

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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The Most Dangerous Game Sequel
As Rainsford awoke, he felt a strange feeling. He couldn’t quite place it. It was like he was being watched. It was dread. It was as if his intuition was saying to run. Just then, General Zaroff came in. Rainsford jumped back, and General Zaroff offered him a glass of Dom Perignon. Rainsford looked suspiciously at the champagne. He was confused; he had beaten the General at his own game, killed his servant Ivan, and taken the life of one of his best dogs. After such a defeat it seemed unreasonable for General Zaroff to offer him the priceless champagne. Regardless, he drank it and quickly realized it was the greatest thing he had ever tasted. Zaroff looked at Rainsford, examining him, judging him, and finally said, “Well Rainsford… I suppose a gentleman must honor his deals. However, if you wish, you may take the place of Ivan. He was a great servant and a better body guard. You would get anything your heart desires.” Anything, thought Rainsford that could be the greatest opportunity he would ever get. “No, what could I be thinking?” He muttered to himself. Finally, with a sigh he said “No.” “But whatever for my dear boy” said General Zaroff. “Why what could you possibly have back home that could be worth passing up this chance?” It was a question Rainsford could not answer. It was as if the rational part of his mind screamed to stay, but his heart said to leave. Again he sadly answered “no,” there was no way he could stay here. Rainsford had his whole life in front of him. He saw a glint of madness in General Zaroff’s eyes, but it disappeared. Zaroff was obviously not used to being denied. “OK, my boy, I shall respect your answer and send you home with my blessing. The boat is outside. “Au voir,” Rainsford turned, more than ready to leave. As he stepped through the door he heard a click, and turned just to see General Zaroff fire a .44 magnum. He fell to the ground right before he died. The general...
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