The Most Dangerous Game Plot Development

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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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The Most Dangerous Game

A. This story is started off by explaining how Sanger Rainsford and his hunting companion Whitney are traveling to Rio, Amazons to hunt jaguars. After they discuss about the island that they are passing which they believe has a bad reputation and is a not a very good place to be. The intro ends when Whitney goes to sleep and Rainsford stays awake. This is taken place on a boat near a stranded island called Ship Trap Island at night. This info is stated on page 1 and page 2.

Complication Point:
B. The complication point is this story was when Rainsford hears gun shots while he is smoking a pipe on the afterdeck. When he tries to figure out where the sound comes from his pipe falls. Trying to get his pipe, he looses his balance and falls out of the ship into the unknown waters. Then he struggles up to the surface of the water, trying to get back on the ship but he was not successful. Rainsford remembered the shots which led him to swim in the direction which he heard it from, which led him to the Ship-Trap Island. In this scene the reader feels sympathy for Rainsford because he falls off the boat and no one could hear him. Therefore he couldn’t get back on the boat. This is taken place in the unknown water near Ship-Trap Island at night. This is stated on page 3.

Rising Action:
C1. The rising action begins when Rainsford reaches the shore of the Ship-Trap Island. Then he travelled thought the cliffs and the jungle to find some people as he heard gun shots on the island. This leads him to the large chateau with huge gates. There Rainsford meets Ivan and general Zaroff in the chateau. Then the general invites him inside for dinner and to stay with him. While eating the general explains his passion about hunting animals his whole life. The setting of the story is in the cliffs, jungle and in the mansion. This is stated on page 4, 5, and 6.

C2. Then the rising action continues when the general tells him about the...
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