The Most Challenging About Writing

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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The most challenging about writing
The worst subject in school for me is English and now English in college is my worst class. Writing is challenging for me especially essays. This can be frustrating and hard to overcome as a writer. No one in high school taught me how to write essays and this is why I am in English 0305/06 in college because of my writing is not good. I do not prewrite on my essays because it takes time and I do not understand the writing process of it.

When I start writing my paper their will be times that I will encounter some challenging situations. I will always feel that the hardest part of writing is simply getting started on an essay. I have never been the writing type of person, so that is why it is hard for me to put what I am thinking on paper. When I getting ready to write an essay. I have to think really hard on how to put it into my own words. I go through the same struggle with all my essays. I write the first sentence, and then erase it, write a different sentence, then erase it again. I always have an unclear thesis when writing a paper. That is why my reader gets lose in my paper. I want to keep the audience interest in what I am saying.

I have to make sure that my time is managed, so that I do not wait time until the last minute to work on the paper, so it can be turn in at the appropriate time. This happens often if I do not take my time on the paper, I try not to make errors and to avoid them but I do, such as fragments, grammar, and punctuation. They can make the paper flow badly and make my paper work look sloppy. With knowing my strengths as well as my weakness, it will allow me to focus on certain areas first that way I will have more time for those weak areas. What I mean by that is making sure I have my topic for my paper, do my rough draft, revise then edit my paper. There are a lot more challenges in writing, but these are some of the main challenges.
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