The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

Topics: Thing, Love, Eye Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Jacque Bennett
Dr. Magowan
English 1301
28 February 2013
The Most Beautiful Thing in the world

When asked the question of “what is the most beautiful thing in the world”, two things come to mind physical things like waterfalls and diamonds. What makes these things beautiful? Is it the way the light hits them and reflects off? Or is it the more natural things, like the way the water hits the rocks or the cuts in the diamond? It’s a series of those things that make them beautiful. But what about the beautiful things you can’t see? Love, Faith, and happiness are all beautiful things, not by the way they look but in the way they make you feel. They bring you a sense of peace and a feeling of being complete and safe. Whether the most beautiful thing in the world is a physical beauty or a mental thing, well that’s up to you. Diamonds and waterfalls are examples of natural beauty that have to be see in order to be found beautiful. The ways the light can hits the water or rocks and reflects off them are is what makes a waterfall beautiful. The way the light reflects off a diamond or the cuts in them are what make them the naked eye these things may be seen as the most beautiful things in the world. But someone blind can’t really understand that beauty thus they and other things physically beautiful can’t possibly be the most beautiful thing in the world. The things that are truly the most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen, but can be felt. Faith, Love, And happiness are the most beautiful thing in the world. Now before you say I forgot the “s” in thing“s” all of those things are tied together to make the most beautiful thing in the world. With faith brings an understanding of love which brings the true feeling of happiness. Individually they are all beautiful but they are equally as beautiful together .to see someone who is truly in love and happy is just as beautiful as the feeling itself. They are the things that can not only be seen but...
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