The Most Awesome Day in My Life

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Descriptive Essay
The day I will never forget
While sitting on the loosing bench in San Ignacio Town feeling like a dog that was dis-owned by owner after we lost our volleyball game to the most outstanding team of the day, my life just gat brightened in a split second like a lightning striking some energy into to me when I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. My eyes glued to her as she was slowly walking in my direction with a pair of long legs that lead straight to heaven and walking as if she was going up for miss universe. My jaws fell to the ground as I starred on her like I have never seen a woman before, she moved very elegantly and the way she moved while I was staring at her a second felt like a hour wile looking at this priceless prized position coming my way. She stood five feet nine inches off the ground with long, beautiful and smooth hair resembling a horse’s tail while covered with in flawless smooth silk for skin. Her eyes were like looking into two diamonds as they slowly moved around as she moved elegantly to buy her soda. It felt like everything and everyone around me froze for that moment to just acknowledge her presence as was slowly approaching. Her narrow smooth face that was decorated with a sharp nose, pretty pink lips that look like strawberry and a perfect set of teeth that would have any dentist dying to get his hands on them glittered as she slightly spread her lips to smile and her set of pearls in her mouth glittered. The skin on her face was so pretty and clean it was like if they were allergic to zits. She gat a bit closer to me and I tried to stand up to greet her the time of the day but I couldn’t because my knees felt so weak and was shaking like leaf I couldn’t have done nothing but sit there. She took a few more steps closer and my heart was pounding as if she was walking on them. She finally gat up close to me where I could have said hello or ask her she was
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