The Morning From A Terrible Nightmare

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So on that day I woke up in the morning from a terrible nightmare and just felt very dizzy, and nauseous. I just did not want to get out of bed, or go to school. So after about thirty minutes of me just lying in bed dreading the day I finally got up out of my bed and started my day. I got in the hot shower and got dressed for school and I could hear my dad screaming Tanveer you’re late for school! , don’t make me come up there! Then I was I off, I quickly got in my Dad’s car and started the twenty minute drive to school, not knowing what horrible incident was going to happen. Today wasn't a very good day; it was so cold that I was shaking and it was starting to snow. So as we drove to school suddenly our car span out of control due to the icy road and bam we CRASHED into an oncoming van, the next thing I know I open my eyes to see that the windshield is shattered and all the airbags have been deployed. I didn't know what to do, I just felt like crying but I stayed strong and just sat there. I was so scared sitting there. I tried to open my door to see if I could get out but I couldn't get my door open. It was if we were hit by a train. The crash made a sound like an exploding atomic bomb!

So the next thing that I know the woman from the car in front of us, she came and knocked on my window asking me if I was ok, . Then the lady called 911 , I was unconscious I felt like this was the end for me, and my dad was hurt badly to so he reached over to see if I was okay and I held his hand until the firefighters police, and ambulance had reached the scene . They pulled out me and my dad and we were rushed to the local hospital. I remember lying in the emergency room unconscious wondering if I would live another day.
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