The More You Work the More Money You Get

Topics: Risk, Truth, Depend Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The more you work the more money you get

It is a difussed opinion that the more you work the more you earn.Does it always depend on this factor?Yes,ofcourse it mostly depends on it,but also there are important factors which help you earn more money. Let’s consider it from the very beginning.Firstly,I think that a good employee,wherever he works,should have such touches of nature as intelligence,optimism,riskiness and responsibility.Intelligence helps to solve successfully all kind of problems (concerning his competencies).Optimism helps to look at problems from a positive side and never loose your heart, because nothing protects you from failures.A good employee should also be risky because sometimes its important to risk everything to move on.Responsibility is also one of the main characteristics because without it you wont be able to set yourself up as a serios employee, there are also a lot of characteristics and to sum them up you will be a perfect employee. Secondly,it is important to get a very good education and basic knowledge at school which develops our logic and brain work and get professional knowledge at the University.And of course,you should like the occupation you chose because when your work is something you like to do,it is a pleasure for you and you can work harder and as a result earn more money. To sum it up, I would like to say that I mostly agree with the fact that the more you work the more money you get,but without all characteristics I mentioned before , you wont be succeed and any efforts to work harder without intelligence,responsibility and etc will be in vain.
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