The Morality of Women in the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

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  • Published: February 6, 2009
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The Morality of Women in
The Adventure of HuckleBerry Finn
In The Adventure of HuckleBerry Finn, Mark Twain describes American life in the 18th century through the journey looking for freedom of Huck Finn, a 13 years old boy and his companion Jim, a run-away slave. In the some parts of the book, Mark Twain mentions about African American and women in the way in which they are marginalized. Although in his depiction of American society, Mark Twain pays his attentions on the issue of slavery, he inadvertently portrays women as morally superior to men. They are all show up as generous, thoughtful and kind-hearted individuals. But, like the society, Twain portrays, women are, in the end, ineffected at best Right at the beginning of the book, widow Douglas appears as Huck’s foster mom. Though, with Huck, she is somewhat annoying but really, she is the one who loves him. She tries her best to civilize Huck since she wants Huck to be good. She feeds Huck, dresses him, provides him a house, forbids him to smoke, she tries to use her limited knowledge to educate Huck but most important, she gives him the love of a mom, ignoring the matter of fact that he is not her real son. As Huck’s guardian, widow Douglas has more than enough chance to get his six thousand dollars away whenever she wants but she does not do it. Instead of widow Douglas, dad’s Huck just suddenly comes up and intends to take all of Huck’s money away. What did Huck’s dad do for Huck that he thinks he has the right to touch that money? Nothing at all but beating Huck badly and leaving him one day without any responsibilities. The picture of widow Douglas and Huck’s dad placed next to each other produce a great effect: stranger and kindred, man and woman, everything is totally different. When the drunk man comes back and threats Huck, as a hen protect her chick from a hawk, that old fragile woman stands up and fights back: “..she told him at last , that if he didn’t quit...
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