The Moral and Political Thought of Thomas Paine

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Were Thomas Paine’s ideas about government similar to, or different from, those of the framers of the United States Constitution?| | Tomas pain was the author of the pamphlet “common sense” this pamphlet encourages American independence.  He thought that America should be independent. He believes that America should be free from Great Britain. He doesn’t believe on slavery that is why he was encouraging America to be independent.  The framers of the United States constitutions believed on slavery. They did not even consider the possibility of abolishing slavery.Tomas Paine wanted America to be independent he believe that Britain was just using America and getting advantage in some way.  With this pamphlet “common sense” he wanted us (the readers) to see his views about independence.  I agree with him I believe that America should fight for her independence so she could stop suffering because of Great Britain.  Some persons were afraid to declare independence and that is what was stopping them.  Tomas Paine said “I have heard some men say, many of whom I believe spoke without thinking, that they dreaded an independence, fearing that it would produce civil wars”(Paine, pg39 ).  He wanted independence but he knew that many of them were afraid to declare independence, but it was better to declare independence and make a new government with freedom and helping the people and having human rights than being ruled by Britain. Tomas Paine believed on freedom and humans rights.In the other hand the framers of the United States believed on slavery after all this troubles with Britain passed they started creating a new government. They created a constitution and they did the separation of powers etc.  “The framers of the constitution viewd the enslaved peoples as human beings whose rights should be protected by the constitution” (Tindall &Shi 271). When  America was  rule by great Britain there was so much injustice after that happened now America was doing its own...
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