The Moors Murders

Topics: Poetry, Moors murders, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: January 13, 2013
"the Devils Wife" is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. The poem is written in first person, past tense narrative, The poem is a dramatic monologue from Myra Hindly's perspective of life in prison. the poem details Myra hindlys reflection on the crimes committed along with ian brady, known as the moors murders. Through the use of poetic techniques such as word choice, structure and imagery, Carol Ann Duffy creates a sinister atmosphere, the sinister atmosphere changes as the poem progresses and also as hindlys life progresses.

the stucture of the poem is a dramamatic monologue written by Carol Ann Duffy, however we can not fully trust what the narrator is saying as it is not from Myra Hindly herself. the sinister atmosphere is created right from the opening of the poem. "The devil was one of the men at work" the word choice of "devil" shows that Ian Brady is evil and distrusting, "men at work" is a double entendre and shows the Brady was physically working with Hindly but also mentally working with her and manipulating her. this creates unease with the reader as we see that there is something ominous and menacing about Ian Brady. "he entered me" this also has a double entendre and refers to Hindly and Bradys sexual relationship, which is also described as being violent, and also refers to the fact that she feels controlled by Brady, "he made me bury a doll" this shows that he was the instigator and she followed him. when Carol Ann Duffy says "he made me" this makes the reader question whether or not she was involved in the murders or if she was only forced to hide the evidence.

the sinister atmosphere is developed further through the description of the evil acts taken place and also the sexual gratification between Hindly and Brady. the sexual acts are developed in a suspenced way, "i wont repeat what we did" again Duffy uses this as a double entendre to create dramatic impact, the reader is unsure whether she is referring to their intimacies or referring...
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