The Moorish Banquet

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Started new story!"The Moorish Banquet"....
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Getting started again! Today, again, compyling with Julia Cameron's advice re setting an "Artist's Date" I spent an hour this afternoon drafting a new short story - perhaps the story will only become one page long but I am glad to be writing again!(Applause,please....).Would love to know what you think...first paragraphs ...  

   The Moorish Banquet
How grateful I was, last week, to be spending a short vacation in Marrakech and Essaouira in Southern Morocco, enjoying the sunshine and the sounds,smells and colors of the souks,riyads and lush gardens. How welcome all this light and beauty was, after the last difficult,grey winter months filled with the loss of a loved one.     Immersing myself in the arts and crafts of the Maghribi marketplaces, admiring the splendor of medieval Marrakech  and Essaouira - town walls over a thousand years old,white- washed walls,blue and turquoise lattices,tiles and mosaic floors radiating an infinity of patterned color, tinkling fountains in quiet courtyards -  I found so much to enjoy, so much to explore,so much to look forward to each morning.      With all these sights and all the history surrounding me, it was a small oil painting in the corner of a restaurant near the old city ramparts of Essaouira that fired my imagination most. The painting depicted a banquet scene of the 1930s, at night,a banquet which was,in fact, held alongside the main gates of old Essaouira back then with all the important notables and persons of standing attending in splendid attire,with burnus and long flowing gowns.The notables - sheiks,merchants,guests - were still feasting,their figures lit by candles,framed by palm trees, behind them, the ramparts, dimly visible;and, turned to us, is the slim figure of a young black servant,wearing a turban and carrying what looks like a tray with refreshments. He seems to be looking our way, as if about to invite us,too, to join the...
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