The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

Topics: Nature, Life, Ecology Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: April 10, 2013
“The Moon Cannot Be Stolen”
Waking up every morning is a chance to begin a brand new day. Every day, people take for granted what Mother Nature has given the world. Beginning with religion, people around the world thank a higher- power by worshiping or practicing in ways that end up appreciating the life that is made each day. However, religion isn’t what makes up this world it is what is being thanked that needs to be recognized. In a short story called “The Moon Cannot Be Stolen” the moral of nature is portrayed by one man and his outlook on it. That no matter what nature cannot be forgotten and life is made up because of it.

The short story began with a character named Ryokan, a Zen master; he lived a very calm, collective, and simple life. These character traits can be described as Ryokan because the setting illustrates this. First when saying, “lived the simplest kind of life in a little hut at the foot of the mountain” this portrays the character appreciating nature. Creating a natural setting from the given resources around a person can give the character a better understanding of nature; because, it will show an adaptation and reliance on the resources. In the story, have such a simple life—nothing to his name—the man is not struck by the occurrence of being robbed because he had nothing much to give. Finally, after the thought of being robbed the man decides to hand the robber his clothes; for summary, in order for the man is not left empty handed. He then sits to appreciate nothing but the moon. This shows that Ryokan, the Zen master, is not of need of the clothing nor anything materialistic in order to survive. This goes to show that nature (his moon) is all he needs and that no one can take that away from him. Thus, he felt that if he could give the fair stranger the nature that maybe he would have a better understanding as well. That one will never be lost on the understanding of nature; because, it has created his life and will further direct...
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