The Monkeys Paw Essay How the Story Would Have Ended Differently Had Mrs.White Poened the Door

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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2.’’The Monkey’s Paw`` comes to a disturbing end. What does the Father understand that the mother does not? How would the ending be different had Mrs. White opened the door before Mr. White made his third wish? Why were you surprised or not surprised by the story’s conclusion? The short story by W.W.Jacobs came to a disturbing end when Mr. White wishes his son away again after having been resurrected because he realises that there is always harm associated with the Monkey’s Paw. The story is about a Monkey’s Paw which is cursed by a Fakir who wants to show that fate does exist. When ‘’Herbert`` knocks on the door the father understands something that the mother does not. He understands that Herbert is not himself, as the monkey paw will have some evil or misfortune tied to him: ‘’ For god’s sake, don’t let it in``. We can see in that phrase that he realises that the thing knocking on the door is not Herbert which is why he uses the word ‘’it`` instead of using the pronoun ‘’him``. We can also tell by another passage in the text that he expects his son to be evil because he says the wish is foolish and that the Monkey’s Paw is wicked and nothing good can come from it: ’’it is foolish and wicked,`` . In the text Mr. White manages to make his third wish before Mrs. White opens the door. It is not clear how the ending could have been different had Mrs. White opened the door. But we could imagine Herbert being demented with torn and burnt flesh covering his body as he was caught in the workplace machinery. We could also imagine Mrs.White being overwhelmed by the sight of her son. Mrs. White could even have died of shock: ‘’…I could only recognize him by his clothing. If he was too terrible for you to see then, how now?`` . In this quote we hear Mr. White relate that the body of his son was so torn up that he could barely recognise him This proves the point that he would have looked monstrous. He also says that his wife wouldn’t have been able to bare...
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