The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari ROBIN S. SHARMA
3. Raghav Pugalia BOOK REVIEW
4. He is one of the brightest new stars in the field of leadership and life improvement. About Robin Sharma 5. Summary About the Book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a best-seller. It is a FABLE ABOUT FULFILLING YOUR DREAMS AND REACHING YOUR DESTINY… 6. The Title The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

7. Summary About the Book It is a book about improving oneself, not only our inner body but also our outer body. The key things which are enlightened are: (i) Self-leadership (ii) Personal responsibility (iii) Spiritual Enlightenment 8. Summary About the Book The writer has not preached to us how we should improve. But he has presented his thoughts with a help of a short fable. His Fable has two main characters Julian Mantle and John. It also has many others characters Yogi Raman, Sages of Sivana etc. 9. Summary About the Book The story is of Julian Mantle, a renowned criminal lawyer who is converted into a spiritual sage. 10. Summary About the Book There are seven principles defined in the book to improve ourselves: The Magnificent Garden – Master your mind The Towering Lighthouse – Follow your purpose 11. Summary About the Book The sumo Wrestler – practice Kaizen The Pink Wire Cable – Live with Discipline The gold Stopwatch – Respect your time The Fragrant Roses – Selflessly serve Others The path of Diamonds – Embrace the present 12. “ NEVER GIVE UP” “ TIME IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN OUR LIFE “ LIVE LIFE FULLY” My Learning From the Book 13. THANK YOU
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