The Mongol Empire

Topics: Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Mongolia Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: January 16, 2012
Barbarians | The Mongols
The Mongol Empire consisted of one of the most strategic military forces every seen in history. It became an empire that spanned from Eastern Europe across Asia making it the largest continuous empire in the history of the world. The development of this great empire emerged from the unification of nomadic tribes, and expanded through conquering with the determination of Genghis Khan. During the 12th century, the great ruler Temujin, soon to be known as Genghis Khan, arose. He fought to join clans, and become Khan, or ruler. New strategies and ideas were enforced after having Genghis Khan as ruler such as tribal cavalry, and mobile tactical teams in the military. Over the next three decades, he led a constant military campaign through vast areas, taking away hundreds of lives in the process which earned him a reputation of a cruel but determined leader. During 1206, he moved in to defeat China through the various strategic military tactics including cavalry. It was stated that Genghis Khan had ordered his forces to bring previous prisoners of war and throw them into the moat to walk over while entering the Chinese territory. He had also enforced the Yam message system, which was similar to the U.S.’s Pony Express. The Mongols annexed one kingdom after another while invading the Muslim world. The trouble began when Sultan Muhammad killed off those who Genghis Khan had sent to the Persian lands peacefully. Genghis Khan was angered, and made it his mission to defeat Sultan Muhammad and his territory. He began through the cities of Samarkand and Otrar, and finally made his way to invade. It was stated that he had poured molted silver into the eyes and ears of a governor who had been the one to order the previous killings of sent Mongols that had angered Genghis Khan. During Pax Mongolica, the lands of trade had become easier to navigate due to the safety provided, and goods were traded more efficiently. This caused a great amount of...
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