The Mongol Empire

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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The Mongol Empire has a very interesting history, they were like other nomadic people they lived on the high steppe lands in central Asia and by 1206 C.E. things had changed dramatically. The document “Marco Polo on the Mongol Military Tactics” brings a lot of questions and interest. For example what was the relationship between the Mongol’s environment and the establishment of their empire, why were the Mongols so successful and how did their background help them build their empire? It seems that the Mongols destiny just fell into place. In the beginning the Mongols were just like other nomads living their lives doing a lot of migrating due to the fact that in central Asia the rainfall was too little to support any large scale agriculture. Seeing as central Asia really only had shrubs and grass which was a great factor for the grazing animals that the nomads had. They used this as an advantage by making sure that their animals were strong and healthy enough so that the Nomads will be able to have food, shelter, clothing and even alcoholic drinks to keep themselves healthy. Since the nomads migrated often they did not carry too much with them, only the necessities. At this time the nomads were very loyal to kin groups which were organized into families, clans and tribes. A surprising aspect is that during this time the nomads would usually ally with Turkish people but they really did not play a leading role, they stood more in the background. During the end of the twelfth century is really when the Mongol’s empire was on the rise. This is when Temujin came into the picture, he made an alliance with one of the Mongol leaders and as you would say the rest was history. Once Temujin made the alliance he mastered the art of the Steppe diplomacy which brought courage in battle, loyalty to his allies and even the willingness to betray his allies to gain a higher position. Eventually Temujin brought all of the Mongols tribes to become one, and soon after, is when he...
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