The Money Ball

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“The Money Ball”

“The Money ball” follows the real baseball formula but not from the sporting point of view itself, but the administration. That is, what matters is not the action in the courts, but all that happens behind them that makes the games are as they are. This movie has the power to completely change the way we see a simple baseball game. In a few words, the whole move is about fielding a successful team on a limited budget.

Baseball's "Moneyball" theory states that the baseball market undervalues some attributes (and players with these attributes) that are key contributors to wins while overvaluing other attributes.

In the movie we can see how Billy Beane, manager of the Athletics, which was the poorest team in the league tries to find a way to make his team wins. So since the Oakland team never wins a game due to a lack of budget, Billy decided to find a new way to find out how to rebuild.

Oakland has to find players that are undervalued by the bigger clubs and get them at a cheap price and hope that they produce results. 

Billy Beane, together with the economist Peter Brand, developed a risky way for the team starts to win, this is selected talented players with potentially talented, based on statistics such as number of home runs, batting, arrivals at first base, etc., they conducted a field study using organizational case studies to identify skills, traits and attributes Next, we compared the skills, traits and attributes, then compared the skills, traits and attributes. But nobody wanted to invest in this proposal, they thought it was stupid and senseless, but this did not convinced Beane and Brand that the idea would not work.

Tyler Cowen said “The Moneyball thesis is simple: Using statistical analysis, small-market teams can compete by buying assets that are undervalued by other teams and selling ones that are overvalued by other teams.”

With their theory, Billy and Peter put together a winning team that was made entirely...
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