The Mommy Track

Topics: John Rawls, Political philosophy, A Theory of Justice Pages: 4 (1634 words) Published: February 23, 2013
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The case that will be examined is case 7.4, “The Mommy Track,” found on page 273-275 of our text book by William H. Shaw. The moral theories that are chosen to be applied are Rawls' theory and Libertarianism. Rawls would resolve this case by putting Schwartz; company CEO’s, husbands and every woman within the “mommy track” in the original position to develop the principles of justice. In the view of the libertarian, they would solve this case by women and men with families would work freely as they needed and they would earn the same amount as their counterparts within the same position. I personally would agree with Rawls theory and argument because to be able to have a chance to develop the principles of justice that will positively affect majority of the least advantageous people in our society makes the most sense and it would be the moral thing to do. In case 7.4 titled “The Mommy Track,” the case goes on to describe the cost of employing women in management verses the cost of employing men. There was an article written by Felice N, Schwartz who contended that the rate of turnover in management positions is two-and-a-half times higher among top-performing women that it is among men. Schwartz drew between two types of women: the career-primary women and the career-and-family women. She explained that the women in the first category put their careers first. They remain single of childless, or if they do have children, they are satisfied to have others raise them. Most women fall into the second category. They want to pursue genuine careers while participating actively in the rearing of their children. Schwartz contends that most of them are willing to trade some career growth and compensation for freedom from the constant pressure to work long hours and weekends. Many see Schwartz as distinguishing between the strivers and the breeders, between women who should be treated as honorary males and those who should be shunted onto a...
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