The Modern Rizal Is in Your Heart

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My ambition in life

Life is full of challenge, trials and mistakes. As a person, sometimes I learn more through my mistakes, because mistakes are committed by anybody. I learned through my mistakes, I accepted my mistakes because no one is perfect.

Life is full of challenge because I am the one who involved, we ambition through dreams, but sometimes dreams come true. Dreams are the way to reach my ambition in a simple way; I believe that I am free to have ambitions because there is no limitation. I study hard, because I wish that my dreams will come true as my friends said to me. I can reach my ambition if I have dedication and determination and also with the guide and help with my parents, family and also the people who surround me and lastly the almighty God. Because God knows, God see’s what I am doing in everyday of my life.

When I was in high school I can say that my life was full of challenge because during the examination, I had no money to pay my miscellaneous, this challenge that I put in my mind and I said to myself that I will study hard to get out from this kind of situation. But I need to sacrifice my study to help my parents to harvest rice but still I pursued to finish my study. When the graduation came I was very happy because I am the one who graduated then another challenge that I will face it.

Others wanted to finish their study to have a stable job, and helped their family and also this is my ambition too. As I said challenges were the way that God give to us, to show him how you are dedicated to reach your ambition. There were many hindrances that came in my life but I did not surrender, instead, I stand in my own to show them that I am ready to the challenge. I chose HRM course but my sister said to me that you got BSIT course because this was a demand course. Then I fooled her because she is the one paying my tuition and BSIT course was my second option. At my first day on Don Jose I felt shy because this is my first to step my...
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