The Model for Evaluation of Service Encounter

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Many papers have focused on service operation management (SOM), particularly in the field of a ‘service encounter’. This study considers its meaning and analyses the model for the evaluation of service encounter. The methodology is launched by reviewing literature on SOM. With regard to the meaning of a service encounter, it is concluded that the best approach to denote its definitions is to balance client, staff, and technology aspects. Also, the components of service encounter are needed to progress together harmonically in order to meet customer satisfaction. In addition, this study suggests that SWOT analysis could be an appropriate technique for analysing the service encounter. This study would be of particular interest to the service encounter and could help analyse its position.  

1. Understanding a Service Encounter2
1.1 Definitions of a service encounter2
1.2 Elements of a service encounter3
1.3 Evaluating of a service encounter4
2. Tools and Techniques for Analysing a Service Encounter6
2.1 SWOT analysis and TOWS matrix6
2.2 Evaluating of SOM’s techniques6
List of References

The growth of service industries has increased dramatically over the last six decades. Many research papers, books, and journals have been published on the service segment. To improve service quality and meet customer’s expectation, Service Operations Management (SOM) has become an interesting issue in modern society (Haksever et al., 2000). Machuca et al. (2008) also suggests that the service sector is indeed important and relates to the development of economy.

With regard to service industries, there are many systems including marketing, operations, or human resources system; however, the area of these systems where consumers participate mostly is a ‘service encounter’. In addition, the tools or techniques for analysing a service encounter are also received little attention in terms of research. Therefore, the study aims to provide a model for evaluating a service encounter.

The methodology is launched by reviewing the literature on SOM, especially in range of service encounter in order to achieve the aim successfully. After the service encounter is completely understood, some SOM’s techniques are reviewed. The research project is ended with general discussions.  1. Understanding a Service Encounter

1.1 Definitions a service encounter
It is widely agreed that a ‘service encounter’ could be embedded in two perspectives: customer and service provider (Haksever et al., 2000). Likewise, Normann (1984) states that an interaction between service provider and client affecting service quality in the customer’s mind is the service encounter, which has been called a ‘moment of truth’. Similarly, Gil et al. (2008) describes it as a ‘sort of snapshot’ of customer when they participate in a service encounter.

Not only does the term of service encounter focus on the perspective of customer, but it is also considered in the view of service worker. It is noted that the feelings of service employee influences customer satisfaction (Söderlund and Rosengren, 2010). Jayawardhena et al. (2007) also statistically prove that the quality of service encounter is positively regarded service quality evaluations of the workers. In addition, Söderlund and Rosengren (2010) conclude that service firms should encourage a positive display of the workers in order to meet the customer expectation; for instance, some companies established a smile strategy to satisfy their clients, and to build a good relationship at the service encounter.

Nonetheless, Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons (2008) argue that another viewpoint of a service encounter is technology, which can provide the information when a client or clerk needs. It could be indicated that technology has connected to our daily lives; for example, people use the internet to change or to transfer their data...
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