The Mode of Human Resource

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Management Science and Engineering

Vol.1 No.1 September 2007

Wang Dianhua1
Abstract: The human resource management expresses different characteristics in different countries, different professions and different enterprises. It is the breakthrough for current deep investigation in the realm of human resources management to abandon form elephant factors, to proceed to solve the “Black Box”, to explore the determining factor of different management modes and to find out the inner regulations of causes and effects. This paper is trying to adopt the method of “First Induce and then Deduce”, with the analysis the different modes of human resource management in a western country, the United States, and in an eastern country, Japanese. First this paper will induce the sources of the creation of those modes, then from the input factors faced by Chinese enterprise deduce the input characteristics of human resource management. With the consideration that the exterior environment faced by China’s enterprises is the choice made by workers of enterprises by passing the market, therefore there exists the cares of the lack of the guarantee benefits and the farsighted development opportunities. The characteristics of business enterprise in human resource management modes lie in the installations of human resource, which should regard foster as the lord and in draught the assist; in human resource management, which adopt type of systematize with human emotions; on the human resource usage, which should adopt the limited entrance and inner promotion; in human resource encouraging, which should adopt the combination of material guarantee and spirit encouragement.

Key words: Human Resource Management, Mode, Developed Countries, “First Induce and then Deduce”, China


Tianjin University of Science & Technology,College of Economic and Management, China. female,born in 1965 in Nehe county of province Heilongjiang , professer,doctor. China. Address: 1038 Dagunanlu,Hexi District,Tianjin,P.R.China, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, College of Economic and Management. Tianjin, 300222, P.R. China.

* Received 25 April 2007; accepted 20 August 2007

Wang Dianhua/Management Science and Engineering
Vol.1 No.1 2007 66-74
Along with 21 centuries coming, within the scope of the whole world, a huge change of social economic configuration even social structural configuration is going to or has been going to occur, namely change of the industry economy and industry society to knowledge-based economy and knowledge society. The concept of knowledge-based economy and knowledge society indicates the important effects of the absorption, disposal and application of knowledge and information to create new values and to promote social development for people. Mankind society is going to enter an era with the important factors of occupancy, installation, production, assignment, usage (consumption) of knowledge resources.

In the industrial economic ages, the capital is doubtless a kind of strategy resources, in which the economy increase is to be decided by the input of capitals and labor forces; but in the knowledge society, the strategy resources is human resource or manpower capitals. The futurologist Nesbit considers that in new society, the key strategy resources have changed into the information, knowledge and creativity. The management master Deluke points out: the knowledge has become the key factor of the productivity, competition ability and the economic achievement; the knowledge has become the most important industry which offers the central resources needed by the economy for production.

What can form the human resources or manpower capitals is not the quantity of persons, but the core of the manpower capital is the health condition, value conception, knowledge...
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