The Mobile Phone as Media in Educational Technology

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  • Published : July 19, 2011
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Things seen are mightier than things heard - Wordswoth
Instructional media encompasses all the materials and physical means an instructor might use to implement instruction and facilitate students achievement of instructional objectives.This includes the use of mobile phones to facilitate teaching and learning ,albeit its drawbacks. Mobile phone technology has advanced to the stage where they have the functions and capability of a computer.Along with these advances, comes with opportunities to enhance teacher and learning activity by incorporating these devices. Mobile Phone As Audio Media

Mobile phones with advance features such as that oferred by smartphones can be used for audio conferencing where a connection is made between three or more locations for instructional purposes.Again lectures can be recorded in audio and sent to students who can download and listen. MobilePhone As Motion Media

Mobile phones can also record short narrative movies and video lectures; photographing apparatus, models and experiments for reports; bluetoothing project materials between group members and instructors etc. Mobile Phone As A Computer

Mobile phones have functions that can interface seamlessly with a computer to project instructional materials to the whole class.It can also connect remotely to the school learning platform eg (library ) to access instructional materials like text, journals,etc. Mobile phone As A Non Projected Visual

A mobile phone is a real object and and can be used as instructional media.For example in the absence of a computer a mobile phone (smartphone) will be a good alternative to describe the parts and functions of a computer

Technically, a mobile phone belongs to audio media because its primary purpose is for talking.

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