The Mixtape

Topics: Loneliness, The Beatles, George Harrison Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: November 29, 2010
1.Mr. Lonely – Akon
In the song the singer’s girlfriend runs away and now he is lonely and his whole life has come crashing down, and “he has nobody to call his own.” This song relates to the theme of Holden’s loneliness. Throughout the book Holden is desperately and constantly seeking for companionship. Holden even calls up a prostitute so he can talk to her and hopefully form some kind of relationship. Phoebe is the only one who is close to Holden. He is constantly trying to fill in other people with whom he can have relationship with similar to how the singer of Lonely is trying to find his girlfriend.

2.Firework- Katy Perry

In this song the singer asks if one has ever felt so sensitive, so ‘paper thin’, like a plastic bag, wanting to start again. Which is how Holden feels, he is depressed and feels as though there is no turning back. No one has been able to help able to help him, although he has looked for someone to help him. But there is a chance for Holden to get out of that depression, the song says ‘Do you know that there’s still a chance of you?’Holden’s chance to get out of this depression is to seek counseling from a psychiatrist.

3.Help! – The Beatles

In this song the singer talks about his seek for help because he is feeling down, he feels insecure and not so self assured, the singer looks for someone that will help him bring his mood back up, and the song also says that the person’s life has changed in so many ways which has led him to feel insecure. Holden feels down and depressed throughout the book because of Allies death, which changes his whole life around and constantly looks for someone to help him release his depression and help him be happy again, he seeks for a friend.

4.Like a Stone- Audioslave

In this song the guy is in a room full of emptiness, talks about how he is lost and he is reading a book of death and how he will die alone, the song also about being lost and loneliness. The song talks about death,...
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