The Misunderstanding of the Term Freedom of Speech

Topics: Mexico, Ethics, President of Mexico Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The Misunderstanding of the term “Freedom of Speech”

Freedom is something that has been dreamt, aspired, and fought for throughout the history of humanity. Freedom of speech however, is a right that has come to be considered until recent times. Before, the fight was about the freedom of will and action, later on, the human discovered that the expression of the thoughts, ideals and ideas of every individual should not be repressed or punished. People should be able to speak their minds and express whatever they think or feel about any subject without repercussions. Even in modern society this is a non-existing right in several countries, repressing and penalizing those individuals or groups who’s ideas might jeopardize the image of the government or any group who suppresses the freedom of speech. Still there are several cases where the people no longer profess the freedom of speech with integrity and respect. Misunderstanding completely the core idea of this right, transforming it into a way to promote violence, hatred and intolerance. In December 1st 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto—elected candidate to the presidency of Mexico— inaugurated his presidency. He is a love or hate public figure, in his case loved by the rich and powerful and hated by the working class. Hence, when he became president of Mexico, people went out of their homes into the main streets of Mexico City protesting that they did not and would not recognize him as legitimate president of the country, stating that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, running candidate for the socialist party, was the legitimate president. The real issue was that people did not just go out and spoke their minds out loud; unfortunately they used physical violence in the attempt to make a statement, graffiting national monuments, destroying banks, restaurants and shops among other affected establishments located in the business district of Mexico City. Which is also the touristic area, therefore the image, not just of the city...
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