The Mistake That Ruined a Life

Topics: Rape, DNA, Police Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The Mistake that Ruined a Life.
Angela Caramez
Walden University

The Mistake that Ruined a Life.
July 1984, Jennifer Thompson is asleep in her apartment in North Carolina and is awakened by a noise in her apartment. Thinking it might be her boyfriend, she calls out asking who is there. She is answered by being grabbed and pushed on the bed. Thinking she was being robbed she tells the person they could have anything they wanted. The person tells her he does not want anything he then proceeds to rape her at knife point. During this he made comments about different aspects of her life. She knows he has been drinking so she decided she will try to outwit him. While he rapes her, she uses any light that might have come through the windows trying to see his face. At one time he turns on the power to her stereo. She uses this to her advantage by using the light on the stereo to see his face the best she can. Jennifer tells him she would feel better and be able to relax better if he would place his knife outside the apartment. She plans to run as he places the knife outside. Instead he places her in her bathroom as he gets rid of the knife. When he returns she tells him she is thirsty and needs a drink. He allows her to get a drink. While in the kitchen she precedes to turn on every light and make as much noise as she can. She hopes someone will hear and help her. While in the kitchen, she realizes, he has entered through the back door. While he is around the corner Jennifer takes her chance and run out the back door naked to her neighbor’s house. From there the police are contacted. She is then taken to the hospital for a rape kit. There she discovers another woman was a victim of her rapist. From the hospital she is taken to the police station where she is asked to help with a sketch by a sketch artist. Afterwards she is asked to recount the events of the night. While doing this the station receives a call from another detective...
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