The Missouri Compromise

Topics: Slavery in the United States, United States, American Civil War Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Emma Toomey
AP US History
Mr. Eschle- Period 7
Written Analysis #4
The Missouri Compromise had many effects on American culture, including an economic effect by prohibiting slavery in the unorganized territory north of Missouri’s southern border, a political suspicion between those representing the south and those representing the north as well as a balance of slave and free states, and had a social impact by creating a definite separation between “the North” and “the South” and also allowing free blacks to remain in Missouri resulting from a dispute between the Missouri constitutional convention and the House of Representatives. The prohibition of slavery in certain territories would affect the staple crops as well as their production by limiting the size, and, in consequence, the production rate on plantations. The wariness between politicians of the north and those of the south increased, as opinions on abolition were a subject of great tension even though there was even representation with both free and slave states numbering at eleven. The definite separation between the north and the south created social tension and clearly defined the political ideas based on geographical location. It also created the opportunity for free blacks to create a livelihood for themselves in Missouri.

The economic effects of the Missouri Compromise started with the declaration that slavery would be prohibited in the unorganized territory obtained in the Louisiana Purchase north of Missouri’s southern border. This did not include land and states in which slavery was already established, such as Arkansas territory. This affected the economic structure of the United States because it ensured that large plantations that were yet to be established within the territory that prohibited slavery would have to function without the use of slaves. This would pose a great chance of difficulty producing large amounts of crops and product, which would affect the overall...
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