The Mission Statement

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Phase 3 Discussion Board
PHIL 320 – 1301A – 05
Kellen R. Goodwin
January 22, 2013
The Mission Statement
For the purpose of this assignment, we are to discuss the purpose behind a mission statement. In this discussion we are to include the reasoning for an organization to post a mission statement publically, cover whether or not we read or pay attention to mission statements, and finally discuss whether or not we could personally benefit from a mission statement.

What is a mission statement? A mission statement defines what an organization is, why it exists, and its reason for being. Mission statements should also define who the primary targets are by identifying the products and services produced, or describing the geographical location in which one would operate (The Entrepreneur). Why do companies use mission statements? Companies, in my opinion, use them because it not only sets the course for the company/organization itself, but it aligns the vision of the company with those that are looking to be a part of what is detailed in the statement. The mission statement identifies the purpose, while people identify with the vision. I believe these to be beneficial because I believe in the power of words. Goals and objectives are obtained easier when there is a clear cut vision. Without a vision, it is difficult to gain momentum, and maintain progress. “Where there is no vision the people perish (The Holy Bible).”

Do I read the mission statements of organizations that I patronize? That is a great question. Until this assignment, I never gave it much thought. I attend the grocery store weekly. I attend the gas station weekly. Of course, I go to work daily. But I never pay attention to the vision or mission statements of any of these organizations. My work mission statement is a little fresher in my head since I am new to the company. But I never go back to review it. The one place that I patronize regularly whose mission/vision statement...
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