The Mission of Lincoln University

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The mission of Lincoln University is to provide a synthesis of innovative and traditional education leading to outstanding professional opportunities for American and International students. Educational programs for graduate and undergraduate studies- as well as certificate programs- are developed to provide entry to successful careers and tools for professional development. With degrees in business- diagnostic imaging and certificates in allied health fields- the students of Lincoln University are well prepared to enter the job market with skills that meet the needs of the contemporary workplace. The basic objectives of the University are: 1) to assist students in development of their analytical capacity 2) to provide the necessary knowledge of the selected subject areas and 3) to introduce the attitude of personal responsibility necessary to function as a citizen in an interdependent world.

Work-Study in the USA

Earn Money While Earning a Degree

HTIR is the global leader in work-study programs in the United States, with work-study programs at colleges and universities throughout the US. This unique program allows international students to study in the US and work while studying even during the first year of the program. Unlike other work-study programs that require international students to wait one year before they can legally work, HTIR’s work-study program allows students to earn money to pay for their education while gaining valuable work experience, as well as a recognized master degree from an accredited school upon completion of the program.

In this unique CPT program (also known as a co-op, work-study or internship program) students can work in full time, paid, practical training employment for the whole duration of the master program in order to enhance the educational experience.

Work Study Opportunities Include:

Employment available for international students

Work during the day and take classes in evenings or on weekends

Employment is with off campus companies

Students are paid regular "American" wages

Both part time or full time employment available

The work-study program is available for both Undergraduate and Master students

Work-study employment positions are currently available at all schools.

For more information about the HTIR program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions pages where you can find more information about the program. You can then also start your application online or choose the school you are interested in below to start the application.

Available Schools & Programs

Please start your application using the above apply button, however if you want to directly apply to your chosen school, please select from the list below:

Coleman University ip

Coleman University is a small, private university located in sunny San Diego, California and offers the following work-study programs:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Information Systems Management

Master of Business in Health Care Management

More Information | Apply Now

Lincoln University

Lincoln University, located in Oakland, California, conducts its programs with a conscious focus upon the cross-cultural dimensions of learning. Lincoln offers the work-study program in the following degree:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

More Information | Apply Now

University of Advancing Technology

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) located in Phoenix, Arizona offers students a well-rounded education in a non-traditional setting. Because of UAT's dedication to both scholastic excellence and technological innovation, it stands apart in academia as an ideal destination for those looking to become a vital part of the future of technology. UAT offers the CPT in the following degrees:

Master of Science in Advancing Computer Science

Master of Science in Technology...
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