The Mission of Community Resources, Inc.

Topics: Education, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The mission of Community Resources, Inc. is to enhance learning and academic success by providing activities and programs for students and their families using volunteers from the community to share their skills, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. The organization's goals are to utilize the talents of community members to increase students' knowledge; to strengthen the partnership between school, families and businesses; and to provide opportunities for students to learn outside the school environment. Our objective is to help students reach their individual potential for academic success.

I have learned that the appeal of media continues to make film,video and television as educational tools with high potential impact which they are now accessible and less cumbersome to use.They are indeed powerful in the sense that they can transmit a wide range of audio-visual materials including still pictures,film, object specimens,and drama.They bring models of excellence to the viewers.Like for instance, we can see and hear the excellent scientist, excellent speakers,and master teachers who lecture and demonstrate a teaching method for professional development of teachers.They can bring world of reality to the home and to the classroom through a "live" broadcast or as mediated through film or videotape.They can make us see and hear for ourselves world events as they happen.They can be the most believable news source.They can make some programs understandable and appealing to a wide variety of age and educational levels. They can provide us sounds and sights not easily available even to the viewer a real event through long shots, close ups, zoom shots,magnification and split screen made possible by the television camera.They can be both instructive and enjoyable. However,though these visual media are indeed powerful , they are somehow have their limitations: * They only encourage passivity because television and film are one-way communication device. * The small...
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