The Missing Scene

Topics: The Crucible, Daniel Day-Lewis, Salem witch trials Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Zachary Maes
Period 6- Merrick
October 28th, 2010
The Missing Scene

Unknown to many people, Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible has an excised second scene in Act II. During this scene Abigail and John Proctor meet in the woods, were John tells Abigail that Mary is testifying against her. This scene is redundant, misleading, and only halts the progression of the plot.

First off, the removed second scene from Act II is redundant. One example is when John tells Abigail that Mary is testifying in court against the girls. The reader is already aware of this from when Proctor told Mary to testify in Scene one. One other example is when John tells Abigail that he will tell the court of their Adultery. The read also already knows this from the scene before. It is these redundancies that make the readers bored of the play. The information they receive has already been said, which makes the scene useless.

Scene two is also misleading. John appears to have some sympathy for Abigail in this scene. For example, John warns Abigail of Marry Warrens testimony the next day. He also tells her of his plan to confess their Affair to the court. It seems as though John Proctor wants Abigail to win the courts favor by warning her. This misleads the reader because he shows sympathy for her when she has just accused his wife of Witchcraft.

Finally, the removed scene two stops the plot dead in its tracks. In the scene John Proctor acts unpredictably from the previous scenes and talks to Abigail. They further discuss topics the reader already knows about. For example, John discusses with Abigail the event with his wife and the doll earlier. This makes the story dull and redundant, and does not better further the plot line at all.

Overall, Arthur Miller did The Crucible a favor in removing the Scene 2 in Act II. The scene is redundant in repeating already known facts, it is misleading to the reader, and slows the plot line to a halt.
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