The Misrepresentation of Africa

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Africa continues to be misrepresented as a continent of victims of poverty,violence and ridden with HIV/AIDS.Ask anyone what they think of Africa and you may received a response related to poverty,AIDS,hunger,tribalism,or animals.Most likely the view is that Africa is not continent at all but one large country where everyone speaks the same language,eat same food,wears same dress and create he same art work.Simply a homogenous place. (Selome Araya,2007).m It must be pointed out that this same continent contains most of the rare mineral resources in the world and foreigners exploited the natural habitat in the continent in search of mineral resources. One of the indispensable factor that has contributed immensely in the increament of the negative perception of Africa is the negative representation by the media(particulary the international assisted by so called ‘’).The media do us an incredible job of misrepresenting the birth of civilization and projecting as a down trodden place of mishaps and has-beens negating other element for the sake of good stories.A place of disease chaos,poverty and one devoid of future. Even today it is depicted as a dark continent,with dark tales of gore and war. Very few media outlet provide their viewers and readers with positive information about the plethora of countries and event occurring in the continent.A azinerecent report by Elle Megazine that mis(rpresent) and Africa as a place where everyone is dying,has AIDS or who is thirsty and hungry lends credence to this. Another reason for the negative perception is the so-called expect practitioners, and scholars who perpetuate these stereotypes to no end,continualy feeding the misrepresentation engine.These people have place Africa at the bottom of every pole on the internatIonal scale.many of such scholars who seems to be lords of poverty dedicate their lives to joint dsaviour moment.They teach and explain the continent as a place where everyone people needs assistant, don’t know...
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