The Miracle Worker Battle Analysis

Topics: Want, Education, Need Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: May 29, 2013
I think that the "battle" is important to both Annie and Helen for various reasons. It is important to Annie because it shows that her work with Helen will be tough and take time, but in the end, Helen will learn more than people anticipate she ever would. Kate’s reaction to the end product of the fiasco, shock and disbelief that Helen can fold her own napkin, shows that she and the whole family expect a lot less from Helen than she has the potential to deliver. By spoiling her and treating her as if she is capable of much less than she actually is, they are settling for lower standards and are preventing her development in terms of ability. Helen can progress and learn to communicate, but she needs to be taught in an effective way. Annie’s method of teaching does not spoil Helen or give her everything she wants. Helen needs to learn that in life, not everything is given to you when you want it. When she does, life will be, in fact, easier for her. The “battle” between Helen and Annie is significant to Helen because it helps her realize that not everything in life will be handed to her. She has to work to gain what she wants, and even then may not be victorious. Although Helen is not treated like such, she is the same as everyone around her. Life does not go easy on people or make exceptions. Helen has to go through hard times, just like everyone else, despite her handicap.
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