The Mine Field Mission: A Team Building Exercise

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The Mine Field Mission: A Team Building Exercise
Team-building exercises are one of the best ways to bring groups together, develop strengths, and work on weaknesses. Mine Field is a team building exercise designed to address communication and trust issues in a group that is having difficulty effectively communicating and listening to each other. Although it has been designed with a smaller team in mind, it can also be effective for larger teams. It is believed that after this team building exercise has been conducted the team should be able to better communicate and listen to each other. Preparing for Mine Field Mission

First you will need a large room, masking tape, cones or boxes, and blindfolds. Use the masking tape to identify the mine field. Make the square large enough to hold multiple cones or boxes that will be called mines throughout the exercise. Then place the mines within the boundaries of the field making sure that you leave enough space to walk in between the obstacles.

Second you will need to divide your group into pairs. This is a great time to work on relationships within the group, so try to pair individuals that have difficulty working together, or that have trust or communication issues. After the mine field has been setup and the partners determined, it is time for the exercise to begin. Mission Launch

One person will be blindfolded from each pair and will be walking through the mine field, while the other person will be responsible for giving verbal commands to guide the other person safely to the other side. The person giving the verbal commands (the navigator) should not be allowed inside the mine field, but must wait on the opposite side of the starting point. The goal is not to touch any of the mines. If a mine is touched in any way by the blindfolded person then they must start over. The person who is blindfolded is not allowed to talk, but must only listen to the voice of their partner instructing them on where...
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