The Mind of a Serial Killer

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Behaviorism Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: April 30, 2008
When investigating the twisted minds of a serial killer they use three main areas of investigational analysis; the micro level of analysis which investigates to function and the structure of the brain, the molecular level of analysis which investigates behavior, and the moral level which investigates the interactions of the individual on the people and the environment around him.

When trying to catch a serial killer the behavioral analysis’s dig all the way down to the basics by investigating the functions and working of the killers own minds and nervous system. Investigators may even be able to discover that the suspect has some sort of mental disorder. A mental disorder could be the explanation for the case where the killer would place the earrings on both sides of the victims head after killing them. Knowing these kinds of things help the investigators to create a profile of their suspect which leads to the capture of a dangerous criminal.

The behavior of a serial killer is investigated through molecular level of analysis. You can determine many things about a person by their behaviors and actions. A killers behaviors can help the investigators determine a pattern and to develop a profile of their killer. This information can be and is crucial in the narrowing down of the suspect list and the eventual capture of the criminal. A pattern of who the killer goes after helps narrow down a search area, and a simple detail such as the fact that a killer knocking out their victims’ before killing them tells an investigator that the killer has low self esteem, because the killer was to timid to truly face his victim.

The molar level of investigation is how the killer interacts with other people and the environment. The location of the body, the marks on a victim’s body can both tell the police a lot about the killer. In one case such as in the movie “Mind of a Serial Killer” the marks on the body of the victims told the police that the killer was returning to...
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