The Mind Doesn't Work That Way

Topics: Michael Jordan, Basketball, National Basketball Association Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: February 9, 2009
Every few years does a very talented athlete come around. Only once in a very long time, does an athlete develop extraordinary talent in and out of the arena. We have been lucky enough to witness a man of these traits when he dominated the game of Basketball and supported numerous charities. In being a hero, he was devoted to his work, he had more skill than any other athlete did in his sport, and he was a great person off the court. Globally known and well respected, this spectacular athlete is His Airiness, Michael Jordan. In the Chicago Bulls’ era of basketball, Michael Jordan demonstrated skill above and beyond anything anyone had ever seen. He started his fame on the Varsity team of North Carolina University when he made what attendants of his college would refer to as The Shot. On March 29, 1982 at the National College Athletic Association championship, Jordan made a 17-foot shot with seven seconds left to win the championship. After that feat, Michael knew he could take the heat of the competitive level basketball, although the varsity coach cut him earlier in the season. In 1984, Michael was chosen to be the captain of the United States Olympic basketball team, which won the gold medal. He was also named college player of the year. When Jordan convinced himself to go on and play professional basketball he joined up with the Chicago Bulls. In only his second year of the National Basketball Association he broke his left foot right at the beginning of the season, leaving him unable to play. Near the playoffs, Jordan insisted that he played. The Bulls made it to the playoffs and he scored sixty-three points in the second game, the most points ever scored in a playoff game. He lead the Chicago Bulls through six championships of 1991, ’92, ’93, ’96, ’97, and 1998.(Herbert, 25) Hangtime was something only attributed to football punters, but Jordan brought the term to the NBA with his incredible ability to hang in the air while shooting and seeming to stay there...
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