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The definiTive ranking of The world's million-case spiriTs brands



June 2012


welcome to the club
here are clubs for ladies, for gentlemen, the gentry and the socially sedentary. Clubs where handshakes, back-slaps and ridiculous blazers maintain a cosy elitism. The Millionaires’ Club is not one of these clubs. Here we favour meritocracy over cronyism – if a spirits or liqueur brand sells a million 9-litre cases it’s in, if it doesn’t, it’s out. This year the revolving door has welcomed more brands than it has ejected, with membership now numbering 181. We have a slew of novice Millionaires – affirmation to burgeoning brands that if you get the proposition and market right, the million-case mark is eminently achievable. Of the newcomers to Millionaire status there’s La Martiniquaise’s Poliakov vodka, which inched its way past the million-case mark, presumably in the very last knockings of 2011. Then you have Cîroc which, through P Diddy’s notoriety and Diageo’s know-how, managed to pole-vault nearly 50 of its competitors to debut at 133. The global analysts at Euromonitor International have also unearthed some new names. There are those that have quietly amassed sales but been shy up to now about opening their ledgers. For those maintaining a non-declaration policy, the arrival of the Philippines’ Emperador to the list should dispense with the need for rhetoric. The brand debuted at number four in the list and simultaneously announced itself to the drinks world as the number-one selling brandy. Glenfiddich’s advancement is also worth a column inch. The Speyside malt is somewhat of an avant-garde figure among the 100 or so scotch distilleries that, up to now, might have resigned to thinking their place in life was in the narrow, not broad market. With the likes of The Glenlivet poised a few hundred thousand cases short of a million, Glenfiddich may be the pioneer, but it won’t be the single single malt in the list for long. The trapdoor has claimed its victims too. This year’s key absentee is Stock Spirits’ Prestige vodka, a brand that thrust on to the scene last year after 400% growth in 2010. But let’s not dwell on the fallen. Let’s celebrate the class of 2012. Welcome to The Millionaires’ Club.



3 5 9 13 16 18
Lowdown on Europe’s favourite

Hamish Smith plays secretary

mArket overvIew
By Euromonitor International

rum & cAchAçA
Latin America’s heavyweights

Full lIStIng
All 181 Millionaire brands

cognAc & brAnDy
The little and large grape spirits

chArt toPPerS
Global, Regional and Local

SoJu & Shochu
Home to the number one brand

FASteSt growIng
The movers – and the losers

other cAtegorIeS
Gin, Liqueurs, Tequila et al

Scotch, Indian, US and others

the mAJor PlAyerS
The groups that own the brands

23 29 30 31 33 36

With more than 800 analysts researching 205 countries, Euromonitor International provides global strategic intelligence on industries, countries and consumers. We publish internationally comparable statistics, market research focusing on industry trends and opportunities, as well as news analysis from industry experts. Our global information system, Passport, is used by the world’s leading alcoholic drinks companies for a stronger understanding of global markets and the strategic business planning process. We offer a complete picture of the commercial environment by monitoring markets, related industries, operating conditions and consumer trends. As a fast moving consumer goods research house, we understand the dynamics of the consumer market and, with more than 35 years’ experience, have unrivalled expertise in this sector.

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