The Million Dollar Kick

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  • Published : September 29, 2010
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The Million Dollar Kick
By Dan Gutman

This book is about a 13 year old girl named Whisper Nelson. She is in the 7th Grade and lives in Okalahoma City. She is shy, doesn’t have many friends and feels like nobody likes her. She is also not athletic and hates all sports especially soccer. She hasn’t played soccer since she was 8 years old and that was so embarrassing because she ended up kicking the ball in the wrong goal.

One day, Whisper’s little sister, Briana, wants to enter a contest but she is too young to enter. She enters the contest but puts down Whisper’s name. Whisper ends up winning the contest and she now gets a chance to win a million dollars by kicking a soccer ball past a pro soccer goalie. Whisper doesn’t know what to do because of how embarrassed she would be if she missed and everybody watching would laugh at her. Her family talks to her and tells her that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you try. Whisper finally decides to try and kick the ball for the money. She needs to practice and wants someone to help coach her. Nobody wanted to help her. Finally, an 11th grader named Ellie Gonzales decides to help her. Ellie is a goalie that plays high school soccer. After a lot of practice and hard work, Whisper got much better.

Soon the big day was here. The pro soccer goalie, Carmen Applegate, gets hurt from a tornado and can’t be there to block the kick. Her replacement is Whisper’s coach, Ellie. This made Whisper very scared and nervous. Whisper ends up making the kick, but Ellie blocks it. Ellie stepped off the line before the kick, so Whisper gets a second chance to try and kick the ball. Whisper ends up scoring and wins the million dollars. In the end, the high school coach from Ellie’s soccer team asked Whisper if she wanted to join the soccer team when she gets to high school.
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