The Military School

Topics: Battalion, Regiment, Normal distribution Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Kara Harp Okulu (KHO) is the greatest military school (as an academy) in Turkey, and it is being set up with the objective of providing the best services to its students by keeping pace with technology. Thus, they would not only like to provide the traditional student services, but they also keep detailed records on their students in order to customize their services to the students’ and their own needs. When the organizational structure of the KHO Student Regiment is examined , there are four battalions each of which contains six companies and as a total 4000 students are the milestones of this organizational structure. When the record keeping system is observed, a huge amount of data is to be processed related with the students and these records vary in many ways. The current system that deals with record keeping is nothing but manual. In this respect, aforementioned system requires a huge paperwork and manpower (in fact, although the work is not the primary activity of personnel, it takes most of the time during a day). Thus, the problems of the current system can be stated as :

• During registration, all of the students’ significant information is recorded into the papers, and all these papers’ copies are sent to the related company commanders that is a very time consuming activity. Here the most important issue is ‘time’. • The academic situation (courses taken, grades), the discipline situation (punishment, reward), weekly boarders’ situation (who and whom are going home when and how), etc. are all living activities and they all should be handled in every day, week, or month. Thus, a lot of efforts and wastefull of red paper works are spent. • According to school, student regiment, and four battalion commanders, to access all kinds of information about the students is very important. But, it is so difficult to achieve this. Because when they need any information, firstly they should phone or...
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