The Military Decision Making Process

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  • Published : September 9, 2006
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The Military Decision Making Process
The Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) is a decision-making model to assist military members in making sound military decisions and to compile operation orders. This paper will describe MDMP and apply it to a recent job-related decision of the author; preparation for a combat logistics patrol (CLP) while deployed in Iraq. The paper will identify the steps in the model and describe how critical thinking impacted the decision. The Steps of the Military Decision Making Process

Step 1: receipt of the mission.
"The first step of the MDMP is to receive the mission from higher headquarters, usually in the form of a written order" (An artillerization of the military decision making process (MDMP), n.d., "Step 1: Receipt of the Mission" section, ¶ 1). While deployed in Iraq the author was providing combat engineering support for United States Army. Part of the mission was to deliver personnel and supplies to locations throughout Northern Iraq. A request would come from the higher headquarters to deliver materials from Forward Operating Base (FOB) Marez to another FOB within Iraq. Step 2: mission analysis.

The second step, mission analysis, is further broken down into 17 steps which are "a guideline to ensure completeness of the analysis rather than as a strict sequential list that must be followed" (Artillerization, n.d., "Step 2: Mission Analysis" section, ¶ 1). The second step is "divided into two parts—task analysis and the update of staff estimates" (Artillerization, n.d., "Step 2: Mission Analysis" section, ¶ 1). During this step, the staff discusses the overall mission then focuses on their respective areas of the mission. "The purpose of task analysis is to identify specified, implied, and essential tasks; constraints; restrictions; facts; necessary assumptions; and forces available; and to develop Requests For Information" (Artillerization, n.d., "Step 2: Mission Analysis" section, ¶ 3). The author's area to focus on...
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