The Milgram Experiment on Obedience to Authority Figures: An Analysis

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Introduction to Social Science
Mid-Term Essay
on Social Scientist ( Milgram Stanley)

Lee, Gi-woung (2010110845)
Part 1 - A brief summary of who the person is and what they've accomplished. Stanley Milgram was born in 15th of August, 1933 in New York city. He was very smart during his childhood and he was rather interested in science than sports, when comparing with his friends. He attended Queens college and received a bachelor's degree in Political Science. He then went to Harvard, by his second trial and studied social psychology. Later, he became a professor in Yale University. Stanley Milgram is known for Milgram experiment, Small world experiment and Familiar stranger. The Milgram experiment is the most controversial study conducted by him. With the result of his experiment, Milgram published a book "Obedience to Authority" which covered all of the experimental conditions of his study. He served his time in CUNY (City University of New York) until his death by heart attack in 1984. Part 2 - Explain one theory that this social scientist is responsible for Stanley Milgram conducted an experiment that was originally proceeded in order to understand how could German (Nazis) could permit the extermination of Jews during WW II. He was curious about how is it possible that ordinary people can act inhumanely without any limitations of conscious. In 1962, the Milgram Obedience Experiment was conducted with its groundbreaking results, revealing about the tensions between individual and society increasingly relevant to contemporary life. To test his theory, study of obedience, he invented a shock board, voltages range from 45 volts to 450 volts. In ascending order, raw of buttons marked to the amount of voltage one person would inflict upon another, voltages ranged from 45 volts to 450 volts and indicated on the shock board as slight shock to xx danger severe shock. There were 40 subjects, between 20~50 years old and all male due to its constancy, an...
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