The Middle Ages Essay

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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ddle ages eesayThe Middle Age Essay
The Middle Age has been a great period of change, growth and development for the Catholic tradition. Many events like Monasticism “Edict of Milan”, The Great Schism and reformation impacted Christianity, and that is why Christianity is the way it is today. Monasticism was one of the main events in the middle ages that changed the Catholic tradition. Monasticism was born when a twenty year old boy called Anthony , a Christian who had been raised in Egypt, entered a church. He gave away all of his possession and lived in solitude and holiness. By the fifth century, this form of "cenobitic" ("living in common") monasticism gained a powerful appeal in the west and spread rapidly and people started to live as monks. Then, it was ST. BENEDICT OF NURSIA  who brought uniformity and order into the early medieval monastic movement. St Benedict organized these disciples into communities. Benedict founded a new community at Monte Cassino. Benedict also drew up his rule for this community. The Rule served as a constitution to be applied to many communities. This impacted Christianity as monks became the heroes of medieval Europe. They restored a dignity to human labor that the Romans and the barbarians had denied. This was only the beginning when Christianity attracted many people to join the religion. Because of their asceticism, the monks became the vehicles of economic and cultural change - they helped teach medieval Europe to save and invest for the future, as they inspired people to become a better person by following Jesus’. Monasticism indeed was great movement in the Christian history. A major turning point in Christian history occurred when the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. Constantine issued the "Edict of Milan," which commanded official toleration of Christianity and other religions. This meant that the followers were safe from persecution, and Christian leaders were given many gifts by the Emperor....
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