The Michelle I Know

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Country music Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: April 14, 2008
Michelle is not the hero in the story. The short story The Michelle I Know does have a hero but it is not Michelle. The hero in the story in my opinion is Claude. Claude is the hero in this story for three very important reasons. First, by playing his guitar he helped Michelle to get to a place where she could be comfortable with herself. Next, the night when Michelle went to visit Claude in his room he helped her to realize that no matter what giving in to her disease would not make anything better. Finally, Claude is the hero in the story because he seems to bring a certain bit of relief to the conflict of the story.

By playing his guitar Claude helped Michelle to get to a place where she could let go and be happy with herself. Although Claude did not realize it at first, teaching himself to play the guitar in the hospital did not only benefit him. By doing so he helped others in the hospital to relax and for a moment forget about what was going on in their lives to get carried away by the music. In the story, Michelle thanks Claude for playing the guitar and tells him that it helped. In my opinion doing this helped Michelle to become somewhat of a hero. To me a hero is someone that believes in themselves and believes that with a positive attitude can change or influence other people. A hero is also a person that does their best to compliment what other people do around them. For this reason, even though I stated that Michelle was not the hero in the story she portrayed qualities of a hero. Without explaining anything Michelle let Claude know that he was helping her to get over having to stay in a hospital when no one else seemed to care . Playing his guitar was a very important factor which leads to Claude being the hero but Claude also assured Michelle that she should never give up hope....
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