The Metaphysics of John Stuart Mill in Relation to Philippine Government

Topics: Self, Conceptions of self, Self-awareness Pages: 28 (10130 words) Published: September 2, 2008
II. Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Acknowledgement 3

Abstract 4

Chapter 2

Introduction 5-6

Theoretical Framework 7
Statement of the Problem 8

Thesis Statement

Review of Related Literature 9-19

Chapter 3

Methodology 22-34

Presentation and analysis of Problems

Q#1: What is the problem of the Self according to Nishida Kitaro? Q#2: What is David Hume’s concept of the Self?
Q#3: What is the implication of their Metaphysical philosophies of the self to the centripetal morality of the Filipinos?

Chapter 4

Summary 35-37

Conclusion 37-41

References 42-43

Chapter 1

This is a discourse that is made for metaphysical study that brought enlightenment with the two different paradigms that explicate the essential attribution to the implication of the self to the Filipino.

I would like to acknowledge the help of some people who made this research possible Dr. Segundo Sim for his direction, assistance, and guidance particularly in his recommendations and suggestions have been invaluable for the research.

I also wish to thank Sir Garnace, who has taught me techniques of writing.

Special thanks should be given to my classmates and colleagues who helped me in many ways. Finally, words alone cannot express the thanks I owe to my family for their encouragement and assistance.


Although philosophical inquiries regarding the notion of the self bombarded through different elucidation of philosophers still encompasses the internal aspect of within as a metaphysical commitment which regard to the notion of the East and West paradigm. This paper aims to elucidate in comparative way the essential contribution of the philosophies of two different paradigms with the essential thought of metaphysical assertion. It entails the significance towards metaphysical endowment as a very profound distinction and similarities thru a bi polar elucidation regarding the concept of David Hume’s commencement of the self as no self at all, that everything underlies within the notion of impression, and that the self is no self at all. In Nishida Kitaro’s commencement he explicitly determined the stance of the self in the pure experience towards a nihilistic point of view which he determined that a self is a Basho or place, as an empty self. Towards the two philosophies of the self as a metaphysical genealogy intertwine the metaphysical through ethical relation of the centripetal morality of the actuality and the potentiality of the being ness of the Filipinos.

Chapter 2
This paper aims to expose in a comparative way the ideas of Scottish philosopher David Hume and Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro both studies talks about the metaphysical understanding a propos notion of the Self and the repercussion to the centripetal morality of the Filipinos. A comparative way of explicating not leading to a chauvinistic elucidation but an affirmative thought between the two. Both thoughts consider the metaphysical attribution of the Self in a necessary relation determining the pursuit of the self or a person and the extraordinary conception of causation of beings. The unravel spirit of formulating thoughts regarding the diversity of the concept is a view of exhilarating the close door in a new light of horizon. The ideas of two different paradigms, the East and West have in a way the same conception that will elucidate their affinity and even the diversity will be serve somehow as an enlightenment, a determinant factor of a fascinating point of view of life in the meadow of philosophizing in a prolific...
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