The Metamorphosis: Continuous Death of the Self

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Ms. Young
English 102
7 December 2012
Continuous Death of the Self
In the darkness prowls a spindly creature that sucks at the honey of every breath and grazes on the comfort of every individual. This creature stalks the fly galleries of stages across the world and swoops down to every so often feed upon willing sacrifices that trundle onto its altar. However, unlike the ancient Aztecs’ sacrifices to the sun gods, these dewy-eyed immolations do not meet just one untimely death. Each individual is offered each time he enters onto the stage for one purpose and one purpose only, the reason the creature must be sated every so often: to create great theatre. The self is stripped of all previous identity and charged with a new function; resocialization occurs each time the stage is set. The suppressed identity of the individual means nothing when inside the creature but for the primary functions that it serves in sustaining it. On the other hand, every contribution supports the creation of something unique and beautiful, something worth all of the pain and tears before the curtain rises, something that pulls an endless reaction from the audience: the magic of the theatre. Everyone should join theatre as it is an immensely rewarding program that teaches its pupils the sense of community, focus, and self-fulfillment integral to the functions of a working societal organism, while allowing them to keep the enjoyment and significance of youth.

In the foreground, theatre creates a sense of community within each individual that stays with them even when they leave the program, making it a top priority for individuals who wish to have a quality high-school experience. First and foremost, throughout the process of learning one’s character and learning one’s overall part in the beast of theatre, one creates irrevocable bonds with each of his or her cast members. Something about working together towards a greater goal and releasing one’s...
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