The Metamorphosis Alternate Ending

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Brendan Michalicek
Mrs. Burns
Honors English / Pre IB
19 September 2010
If Gregor never died.

If Gregor had never died, the end of the story “” would be a little different. The story might go something like this.

“ My family is breaking apart. My mother loves me but can’t stand me. My sister has tried to forget about me, and my dad just hates me. I have ruined everyone’s lives, and I can’t take it anymore, no one can. I could always take the easy way out and curl up in a ball in the closet and wait for hunger to creep up and kill me. That thought had crossed my mind a couple of times. No, that would just bring more pain to my mother and sister, to see my lump off a body huddled in a mass in my closet.”

Gregor then starts crawling around his room, thinking about what to. a couple of times his mother entered the room with cries of disgust while trying to give him a bag of scraps, which did not help him think.

Sooner or later, his dad marched crashed through the door, obviously drunk and angry, it looked like he was about to pop.
“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, staggering toward Gregor, as he moved up the wall, frightened, and heard his sister shriek.
“YOU HAVE RUINED US! YOU MAKE YOUR MOTHER CRY JUST LOOKING AT YOU! YOUR SISTER TRYIES TO FORGET ABOUT YOU! WHY DON’T YOU DO US ALL A FAVOR AND LEAVE!!!!! That gave Gregor an obvious idea. The moment his dad left Gregor crawled out of his window, never looking back, and found somewhere nice and dark to live out his now extremely short life, knowing that it was for the best of his mother, father and sister.

“Father, where is Gregor?!?!?” The sister asks.
“Maybe he took my advice and left”…

From here on out the story would continue with the family on the train and Gregor sooner or later dying out, since he was already weak and frail and almost dead. He does not find out how to change back, and is forever heartbroken but knows it was for the best....
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