The Metamorphosis

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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1. Groups of three identified in the book:
The number three plays a considerable role in the story. The story is divided into three parts. There are three doors to Gregor’s room. His family consists of three people. Three servants appear in the course of the story. Three lodgers have three beards. Three Samsas write three letters. The clock chimes three times. Gregor appears 3 times outside his room. Three women imitate Mr. Samsa as he thanks the Lord. Three family members had to work after Gregor’s metamorphosis

2. In the book, The Metamorphosis, Grete’s behavior changes dramatically as she becomes cold hearted and uncaring. In the beginning of the story Gregor’s younger sister is the only one who seems to understand that Gregor is suffering and she “weeps in her bedroom.” She demonstrates that she cares about her brother by bringing him his favorite food “milk.” She is the only one in the family who is courageous to enter Gregor’s room to clean it. However, by the end of the book she is so exhausted by her job that she does not even bother to look in to his room. Grete has come to detest her brother to such an extreme that he refers to him as if he were an animal and exclaims, “we must get rid of it,” so she rejoices when she finds out about his death. In the end of the story, her parents “see their daughter become more and more vivacious...[for] she had blossomed into a lovely and shapely girl.” Her parents view her as the link that will help them resolve their financial burdens by marrying a rich man. The servant (Ana) becomes so terrified with Gregor’s appearance that she resolves to quit her job as does the cook. The “plead mercifully to be dismissed,” and demonstrate gratification when they are allowed to leave. They both leave a bigger burden for the family creating a metamorphosis in the role that the family plays in their own house. Their absence obligates the women in the family to perform difficult tasks. Another change occurs in Mr. Samsa and Mrs. Samsa. The family who was accustomed to a lifestyle that was envied by lower class individuals is taken away from them as all three family members have to sacrifice their possessions to survive. The father who used to “lay on the couch” and “read his newspaper” has to go back to work. The mother who was enjoying her luxurious life sacrifices her pride as she is forced to sew individual’s underwear. The parents who are supposed to be enjoying their elderly years in accommodation must now input all of their strength in order to provide the family with enough money just to “pass by.”

3. Through the peculiar events in the story the author helps the reader understand that capitalism harbor work-related obsessions and increases rates of stress related diseases. After Gregor becomes a bug the mother and the sister become the main providers for the family. Gregor’s parents owned a big debt, and he used all of his strength to become the best worker and would devote all of his time in accomplishing the demands from his job. However one day, exhausted from all his work he discovers that he has become an insect and he feels trapped because he ran too hard to meet the demands of business. The author is trying to explain how capitalism imprisons people driving them to become individuals that scurry on the ground and eat whatever is available. His irreversible illness leads to his death, but his family continues to be affected by capitalism. They become heartless individuals who place more emphasis on money than on helping Gregor. They become so cold hearted that they do not demonstrate that they love each other anymore. Instead of mourning Gregor’s death they view it as a blessing from the heavens because he is just a reminder of the consequences of capitalism. The sister “found a job as a salesgirl” and the mother “would be sewing fine lingerie for a fashion boutique” while still being responsible for maintaining a spotless home. So, the cycle continues as the family’s...
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