The Metal Tool Box Industry of Western Australia

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  • Published: August 10, 2008
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The Metal Tool Box Industry of Western Australia
This report is a detailed economic analysis of the Sheet Metal Tool Box Industry of Western Australia. In order to accurately analyze this industry and compile this report, the business activities and functions of a leading tool box manufacturer MW Sheet Metal Pty Ltd (MW) have been studied extensively.

In particular, this report concentrates on MW’s operations in Western Australia only and analyzes the current market trends, demand and supply, industry’s competitive structure, current economic issues. And finally it discusses the industry’s economic situation in the next five years and how MW would need to react to cope with these challenges.

MW is primarily a manufacturing company, specializing in designing and manufacturing high quality aluminum tool boxes, trailers and other sheet metal products. The entity first started its operations in Sydney back in 1998 as a sheet metal fabrication workshop manufacturing air-conditioning vents only. A few years later, MW discovered the growing demand for metal tool boxes mainly used by tradesmen on their utility vehicles. MW quickly diverted its focus on designing and manufacturing high quality aluminum tool boxes to cater for the increasingly strong demand.

During the past few years, MW has enjoyed great success and has been able to extend its business from New South Wales to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. As of today, MW is the leading tool box manufacturer in Australia with 15 factory outlets across Australia and one manufacturing unit in Sydney.

MW is relatively new in the Western Australian market since it only began operating about one year and a half ago. Western Australia has experienced tremendous growth in the recent years and MW has been able to capitalize on the fact that there is no other major manufacturer and supplier of metal tool boxes competing in this market.

Demand and Supply...
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