The Messenger of Mercy

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 26 (11547 words) Published: December 30, 2012
رسول الرحمه

Compiled, edited and written by:
Hassibullah Roshan

August 9, 2012
Kabul, Afghanistan
A life-changing and awe-inspiring journey to the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) A compiled collection of 160 most noble lessons to be learned A gate-way to spiritual and personality development

The Messenger of Mercy

1. Rank seeking knowledge -irrespective of its nature; both Islamic and worldly (i.e. science) – as your paramount aspiration in this life. Can you recall the first verses our beloved prophet received from Almighty Allah through Angel Gabriel as his first revelation which marked the beginning of his prophecy? If not, here’s a hint: “Eqra besme-rabekalazi khalaq…; translation: recite in the name of your Lord who created…” Value the significance of knowledge! Remember, with knowledge comes power and with that shall come control and humbleness! | 2. No matter how much of humiliation, which has been caused by the believers and/or non-believers, you have to put up with – always remain patient, and completely rely on Almighty Allah. Note: “When our beloved prophet was prostrating near the Kabah, the pagans of Makah threw camel’s dung on his back. He remained in that position, waiting for someone to come by and remove it from his back, while everyone was laughing at the scene. Someone informed his daughter, Fatimat-ul-Zahra, about the incident and she ran quickly towards the prophet and removed the dung from his back. While tears were flowing from her eyes, our beloved prophet said to her: You Lord is with your father, do not weep nor feel grieved. Allah SWT is with those who seek refuge with him and remain patient in the most severe situations – see how beautifully she was taught the lesson of endurance. | 3. When humiliation reaches a horrifying stage of cruelty (i.e. physical and verbal abuse, etc), stand firm, seek refuge with Allah SWT and be extra patient. A lesson to learn: “During the initial years of preaching, our beloved prophet was forcefully wrapped by a robe to his neck, until he fell on his knees in pain, by one of the non-believers of Quraish. He was addressed with rude and filthy names (i.e. Muthammam: meaning “the blamed-one”) which severely angered his companions. But, look how astoundingly he responded back to them, saying: “Why are you upset? They are insulting Muthammam and I am Muhammad!”| 4. Constant sacrifices that are accompanied with stern pain simply add to and firmly strengthen your faith! Cherish it, rather than complaining about it!| 5. Learn to forgive those who cause you harm -whether physically or verbally; indirectly or directly; intentionally or unintentional- and avoid making dua against them; rather raise your hands and ask God to guide and shower them with His mercy and love. Hint: “Prophet PBUH had to go through so much moral and physical pain -to the extent that he was stoned and blood covered his entire body- while he was preaching the tribe of Ta’if to embrace Islam. Upon exiting the tribe, do you think he made a dua (prayer) against them while the “Angel of Mountains” approached him for the destruction of Ta’if? Do you know what he said? My Lord! Guide them as they do not know! Have mercy on me and forgive me for not being able to successfully carry-out the dawa (invitation). Can you find someone as merciful as him…?| 6. When failure and depression surrounds you, remind yourself of the Prophet SAW and ants. He and they would never give up! Life is filled with surprise tests from beginning until the very end. Instead of accepting failure and allowing the negative energy to absorb you, learn to dance with the rains of the storm; rather than running away from it or waiting for it end! Note: “Prophet Muhammad PBUH preached his message to 26 different tribes with no success, but he never gave up”| 7. Show affection and treat everyone equally regardless...
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