The Messenger

Topics: Discovery, Learning Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: June 3, 2012
'The Messenger' by Marcus Zusak follows the story of 19-year-old Ed Kennedy who receives mysterious playing cards in the mail. By fulfilling his role as 'The Messenger' not only does Ed complete each message; he blossoms within himself, in maturity and self-discovery. Ed uncovers a physical strength that he was unaware that he held. He proves that he is capable of being selfless by giving to others. Lastly, he frees the two women in his life from their emotional burdens, which ultimately frees himself.

Upon completing the first card, Ed discovered that he had a physical strength. This was significant as he had considered him self as " a dead man". The turning point of this discovery was when he was faced with the Edgar St task. When Ed received the gun he realized that in order to deliver the message, he needed to physically stop the man from raping his wife, "It's him I have to take care of. It's him I have to face." By discovering this inner strength and overcoming the physical confrontation it prepared him for future messages. If Ed did not discover his strength, he would not have been able to help the Rose boys. To convey this message, Ed needed to beat up Gavin rose in order for him and his brother to understand family values. Even though Ed knew this wasn't the ideal way to deliver the message, he recognized that it had to be done, "...but it feels like the only option." In finding the strength to physically confront someone Ed was able to grow within which aided him to embrace his role as 'The Messenger' and also be better person with his new found confidence.

Ed's minor gestures of kindness showed his ability to be selfless. He realized that by doing something simple, it could mean so much more. When he gave to Angie Carusso it was "as easy as ice-cream". Angie a mother always giving but never receiving, was in desperate need of someone to look out for her. With just one ice cream Ed was able to show his compassion and tell her that he cared. The...
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