The Mental Health Crisis Among Asian Americans

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, Asian American Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 22, 2011
The Mental Health Crisis Among Asian Americans

Asian Americans have been immigrating to the United States for generations in hopes of a better life, however, there is an expectation placed on them to adapt and assimilate to the Western culture. As immigrants, Asian Americans face various struggles emotionally, socially, physically and financially, while adapting to their new lifestyle in America. Asian Americans tend to have strong traditions and belief systems, in some aspects, completely opposite of those in the Western culture. The dissimilarities between cultures can have major impacts and influences when it comes to the health care practices in this country. It is essential to address the mental health crisis within Asian American communities because it is a spectrum of health care that can be neglected or opposed due to cultural influences. America is a uniquely diverse country, people from wide-ranging cultural backgrounds can be found throughout the nation. Due to the diversity present in this country, it must recognized that each ethnic group may seek medical attention in different ways, ways that they may be accustomed to or feel more comfortable with. Asian Americans are an ethnic group that may choose not to seek medical care as willingly as other groups due to cultural differences, language barriers, economic barriers, and perhaps a possible lack of knowledge regarding obtainable services. Mental illness is stigmatized in many ethnic groups and in order to successfully address this issue, it is crucial for medical professionals to understand different cultural beliefs that may influence individuals and hinder their efforts in seeking medical care. By identifying with the various cultural practices within the community will create a pathway for Asian Americans to feel more comfortable in acknowledging their symptoms and seeking appropriate medical care. Methodology

In order to entirely understand the Asian American community and...
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